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Add The Leadership Role Model Course Track (ADDLRM)

How would you fare if the boss of your company was secretly working beside you? Would you be worried about your job because they might complicate the process? Or would you be pleased, because you know you’ve always done your best? Committed employees are often rewarded for their services, after all.

It happens. Bosses who get involved in day-to-day activities are displaying one of the main cornerstones of leading with respect. Only by observing, challenging, and supporting their staff, combined with listening, learning, fostering teamwork, and more, can a manager truly foster respect. And you can lead your team in the same way. We’re going to explain how.

Purchasing this course and completing the module below will give you access to 10 high level courses on becoming a Leadership Role Model, including topics like Leading with Commitment, Energy, and Empathy, Being Positive, The Power of Patience, and Recognizing and Rewarding Others. Complete all 10 and become a true Leadership Role Model!
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